About us

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a dynamite playground right here in Lake Barcroft? A place we could connect with our neighbors and meet other families?


In the Fall of 2016, a handful of neighborhood visionaries united to bring about a new playground in Lake Barcroft.   BAFAPA (Barcroft Families for Playground Awesomeness) was born.  Over 200 families have signed up to support the initiative. Since then, we’ve organized, commissioned a community survey, provided volunteers to LB events, held local promotional events, published in the newsletter, engaged with the Board, reviewed proposals from vendors, and started the fundraising efforts.  We’ve been busy.  And now we need your help!

All the Wonderful Reasons to Build a New Playground in Lake Barcroft

  • Playing is fun! You’re never too old to swing on the monkey bars.
  • Get outside! Enjoy the scenery of Lake Barcroft
  • A playground in the neighborhood!
  • A meeting point for kids, families, and adults alike.
  • A multigenerational playground will encourage fitness
  • A playground will attract more families to the neighborhood
  • Reduce liability: the safety of some of the current playground equipment is questionable
  • Increase property values
  • Great rallying point for the community

Read the Community Survey here

Read some of BAFAPA's letters to the Board

$37,000 of raised